Do you ever wonder, ‘why do dogs take things to their bed?’ Has your pup ever grabbed their toys and brought them over to their bed before sweetly snuggling into sleep? When I leave my house, one of my dogs tends to take one of my shoes and just place it in the bed with her. She doesn’t chew it, she just wants it near her. So let’s get into reasons why your dog may take things to their bed.

why do dogs take things to their bed

Your dog may just want to relax

That’s right, your dog may want to Netflix and chill, their way. After a long day of walks or chasing squirrels, they may just want to hang out with their toy where they are comfy. This may even become routine for your pup. They may want to bring a toy or two to play in bed until they get sleepy. Bringing toys and things to their bed could just help them unwind.

It goes back to their primal instincts

If your pup has a tendency to bring toys to their bed as a part of their destroying process, this could go back to before they were domesticated. Many times the toys will represent prey to them. They may also shake their toy from side to side and then take the “final” pieces to their bed. If your dog has a tendency to take multiple things to their bed, it could also be “hoarding” behavior, which also goes back to their ancestors.

Does your dog ever steal things and take them to their bed?

They make take things because of the scent

If your dog takes something of yours (like your shoe!), they may do so for the scent. It smells like you, and it could be a way for them to feel closer to you, especially when you’re gone. It can be very comforting to have objects that smell like you near them.

Your dog may take things because they are bored

Your dog may be stealing things because they are trying to get your attention. In order for your dog to not be bored, they need both physical and mental stimulation. Make sure you are giving your dogs ways to get their energy out.

Does your dog take shoes to their bed?


Take the time to think of reasons why your pup may take things to their bed. It may be just a harmless thing they do and have no cause for concern. It may be a flag for you as a dog parent to make sure you are giving your pups all the attention they need. If you see the behavior is causing bad habits or destruction, then it may be best to teach your pup to not take these items through training, like a treat reward system.