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Toxic Foods For Dogs That Are Harmful (Printable!)


Dogs (and cats) eating toxic foods account for up to 98% of all reported animal cases and an urgent rush to the veterinarian. The two seasons of the year where these types of harmful exposures occur are in the summertime and December (aka holiday season.) Most of these dangerous [...]

Dogs Make Us Happy, Even Science Says So


Have you ever gazed into your dog's eyes and literally felt the joy in your heart from their look of adoration? Or maybe waking up in the morning isn't as terrible when you get to watch your dog do their morning doga routine. Whatever it is, something about these [...]

  • dog mom going for a run with her rescue dog

Best Dog Breeds To Run With


Thinking about getting your run on with your pup and wondering what the best dog breeds to run with are? By nature, there are breeds that inherently have advantages and disadvantages so this article outlines some of the best dog breeds to run with. In addition to breed characteristics, [...]

  • Dog Holiday Calendar 2021

2021 Dog Holiday Calendar – Pawty All Year!


I think every dog mom knows there is a reason to celebrate your dog every single day. However, there are some pretty official dog-related holidays that go on throughout the year so a 2021 dog holiday calendar list is essential. Some holidays bring dog awareness for adoption, some are [...]

  • does my dog love me

Does My Dog Love Me? Science Says Yes!


Questioning if my dog loves me is pretty much rhetorical for me. No need for my pup to answer this question. I know my dog's love runs deeper than the treats in my pocket. Since Valentine's Day 2021 is coming up in a couple weeks, I wanted to explore [...]