Thirty years ago if you heard someone call themselves a dog mom, you would have probably given them a strange look.

These days, the mom and dog relationship has had a rapid evolution in its meaning. Are you even a dog mom if you don’t have something to proclaim it loud and proudly? Dogs not only get scraps under the dinner table, they sometimes get their own seat to join!

And this love proclamation is everywhere. The Tik Tok hashtag #DogsofTikTok has over 37 billion views. Google dog mom and you will find over a billion search results. Amazon has well over 50,000 items if you search for dog mom.

This pet humanization trend is changing every industry–there is always an increasing number of hotels dogs are welcome to, dog-friendly outside patios (not to mention breweries and wineries), and apps galore of pup watching. Over 60% of millennials with dogs admit to purchasing outfits or clothes for their pets (Halloween, anyone?)

And we want our dog’s to enjoy luxury as much as we do and there are companies that will help with that. If I am going on a vaca, I want my pups to come with – and receive a goodie bag as they arrive at the hotel and there is hopefully a reasonably sized dog park. Another trend that’s blowing up is having our pup eat as healthy as we do. The pet parent is reading ingredients these days and they want that food to be organic and full of nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids.

And the proof for the mom and dog relationship (or dad and dog, or pet pawrent) is in the pudding.

Statista states that pet industry expenditure in the United States is at $99 billion in 2020–and this has grown over 500% since 1994, where it was at $17 billion. It has literally grown year after year and I doubt this trend will end anytime soon!

Can you see the progression throughout the years of how you treat, feed, and purchase for your pup? Anything that you don’t see that you want to see and pamper your pup with?

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