Make your dog proud by rocking one of these hilariously awesome shirts to show your love.

These funny dog shirts for humans are a fashion statement that will never go out of style. True dog moms wear dog-themed shirts to the gym, shopping, work, and just lounge around.

In fact, there’s never a reason to not wear something that displays your affection and love for your dog in a funny and sarcastic way. Here are a few of our favorite dog shirts for humans that are guaranteed to make you and dog lovers smile.

Dating Is Just Interviewing A Future Parent For Your Dog

Funny Dog Shirt dating is just interviewing for a future parent for your dog.

They aren’t wrong. If you know a passionate single dog mom or dog parent, or you are one yourself, this is your sign to speak your truth.

Love Our Earth – It’s The Only Planet That Has Dogs

Funny Dog Shirts For Earth Day and Environment Save the planet

Display your love for our planet and pups with this unique and fun dog shirt for humans. Show you care about our Earth and want to showcase that love in a funny and clever way.

Earth Day should be celebrated every day, so this is the perfect gift for dog parents, dog lovers, teachers, scientists, environmentalists, and anyone who loves mother nature and animals.

Whatever, I’m Going Hiking With My Dog.

Funny dog mom nature shirt - whatever, I'm going hiking with my dog

The answer to every life problem is just hanging out with your dog. Display your love for the outdoors and dogs with this unique and funny shirt. This dog lover and hiking hobby logo are perfect for people who love getting outside in nature and exploring with their dogs.

My Version Of #SQUADGOALS Consists Of At Least 5 Dogs

My Version Of #squadgoals Consists Of At Least 5 Dogs

Show the world what your definition of true squad goals is – all the dogs! These funny dog shirts for humans allows dog lovers to speak their hilarious truths.

Classy Mother Pupper

Classy mother pupper

This dog lover gift is perfect for that dog mom that has class and a little bit of sass. ‘Classy Mother Pupper’ sends a message to the world that dog moms are loud and proud about their love for their pups.

Dog Mom AF

Dog Mom AF pullover hoodie - Display your love of being a dog mom with this '#DogMomAF' design, or gift this to that amazing dog mom in your life

This dog lover gift is perfect for that dog mom who is sassy and doesn’t give AF who knows it.

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