Trust me, dog mom crazy is the good type of crazy. You wear your dog mom badge (and fur) with pride. Here are 23 signs that your dog mom game is at level 10. Even science agrees – when you gaze into your perfect pup’s eyes, you release the happy type of hormones. See if you relate to this dog mom list and then tag or send to your favorite crazy dog mom.

1.) Your camera roll is filled with hundreds of photos you snap of your dog on the daily (and, yes, they too have a good side)

crazy dog mom taking a selfie

Clearly, this includes selfies with your pup as well, and you post it proudly with your crazy dog mom stamp of approval. And you don’t want to delete the 50 pictures of your pup posing because the different nose angles may never get captured the same way again.


2.) You don’t wait for holidays to dress them up. There is always a reason for them to look as special as they are.

23 Signs You Are That Crazy Dog Mom

3.) Your dog has their own subscription box, too.

It’s only fair. You get your monthly fill of beauty samples and your dog gets their monthly fill of fun toys and snacks.

Idea: The monthly BarkBox is one of the most pup-ular doggy subscription boxes.

4.) You wouldn’t dare go through the Starbucks drive-through without ordering them a pup cup or pupachino.

Bonus points if their tails start to wag as soon as you pull up to the Starbucks drive-through.

5.) If someone doesn’t immediately love your dog, they are out of your life. You don’t have time for that negative energy.

Easiest goodbye you’ve ever said.

23 Signs You Are That Crazy Dog Mom

6.) It’s not uncommon for you to tell others that you birthed your dog.

I mean, at least your bond is so close it feels like you did. So, whatever.

Idea: While a doggy DNA test (like Embark) may not completely match your DNA, it at least allows you to discuss the background of your dog (and provides help-tips based on the breeds.)

7.) You essentially need to ask for permission to sleep on your bed at night.

And you feel grateful for that little corner of the bed that’s open.

8.) You have no issues having full-on conversations with your pup in public, and sometimes use “their” voice to respond to your comments.

It’s basically incontrollable. And you vibe with dog parents who do the same.

9.) Everyone knows not to bother you when it’s time for the Puppy Bowl each year.

And you secretly wish your dog could participate, badly. You know they would look the CUTEST in that football jersey.

10.) When it’s your dogs birthday party and they can’t blow out their candle to make a wish because you have already given them everything they could dream of.

That doesn’t mean you won’t throw them a pawty, obviously.

11.) You don’t go to the grocery store without picking up a bone or toy for your pup so they don’t feel left out.

Can you fathom making that ‘one’ grocery trip with 10 bags and see the look on your pup’s face when they realize not one item was for them?

12.) Your dog unquestionably eats better than the swankiest restaurant in your town.

Organic cooked carrots mixed into a veggie broth mixed into their outrageously priced dog food, anyone?

13.) Your version of squad goals consists of at least 5 dogs.

And here’s the perfect dog mom shirt representation of this:

14.) You can basically read each others minds. And as weird as that sounds, it makes perfect sense to you.

What, you don’t know what your dog is thinking?

15.) If anyone dares to say anything negative about your pup or comments they are having a ruff hair day they will see a wrath unleashed on them like a wrecking ball.

Do not mess with a dog mom.

16.) Your dogs have bucket lists. Duh.

Having an infinite number of tennis balls dropped in a room for slobbery fun may not be on your list, but it’s definitely on your pups.

17.) Your parents are super proud of their grandpawrent status. It’s like they are related to a celebrity.

It’s that pup-arazzi life for me.

17.) You doga. Dig?

Idea: Try out some basic doga moves from this post.

23 Signs You Are That Crazy Dog Mom

18.) You would never leave the house without making sure the dog camera is on so you can mentally be at peace knowing they are safe and sound while out.

Furbo dog camera

Idea: The Furbo is amazing to watch your pups while you are out. All you do is plug it in before you go. You can even get their movement recorded – so now the pups can’t blame each other with who stole the food from the counter or tore up the toilet paper. They are caught red-pawed on the Furbo.

19.) They may get picked up for daycare on a doggy school bus.

And yes, their good report cards do go on the refrigerator.


20.) Your significant other is cool and all, but at the end of the day, you are snuggling and cuddling with your dog.


21.) You genuinely just don’t understand how someone isn’t obsessed with dogs.

There has to be some kind of diagnosis for these types of people. If that’s what they are.Signs You Are That Crazy Dog Mom



22.) You manage your dog’s social networking sites, because clearly they are too busy to do it themselves.

The proof is in the Instagram pudding.


23.) Your life decisions are based around the love of your life – where is the nearest dog park, can I bring my dog to the office, or only going out if it’s a place your dog is invited too.

There’s a 100% chance of me not going if it isn’t dog-friendly.



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