Here are funny, cute, and dog-gone adorable dog thoughts, quotes, and feelings. Trust us, we speak dog fluently.

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Dog Thoughts That Are Basically True Dog Thoughts That Are Basically True Dog Thoughts That Are Basically True

  • Everytime we shake, a contractual agreement is formed.
  • I found an amazing stick when I was walking my human today. Then it broke. Then I realized I had 2 sticks. The roller coaster that is a dog’s life.
  • If I weren’t around, my human would lose a ton of tennis balls.
  • I felt bad about sleeping in because mom wakes up so early. Then I remember my responsibilities. They are minimal.
  • My human calls me her therapy dog and all I really think about is peanut butter all day.
  • If I sits, my human gives me treat. Her training is coming along nicely.
  • Why you take my hair off of you? That was a gift!
  • What if I never find out who is a good boy or girl?
  • If a human throws a ball into the woods and there are no dogs to fetch it, does anyone actually get the ball?
  • My human can get really sad after watching the television box. So I take it upon myself to hide all the remotes.
  • Every snack you take, every bite you make, I’ll be watching you.
  • Trust me, no measurements are required. I can fit in your lap.
  • The doorbell is like barking, but for houses.
  • I wonder if my ball is thinking about me.
  • I always carry my leash outside so my human doesn’t get lost.
  • Before you go in that room, just know I really love you.
  • I’d slide across a million floors for you.
  • When you are a dog, a snooze is never a lose. A snooze is a victory.
  • Human, do you not know the time? It’s pee-a-clock.
  • Professional guard dog over here. No one gets past me. Unless you provide belly rubs and treats. Then you can pass pretty easily.
  • Vet?! I thought you said pet!
  • I pretended the cat was a fire hydrant today. I knew.
  • Go on, tell them I ate your homework. They will never believe you.

Dog Thoughts That Are Basically True