Running with your dog has an incredible amount of benefits. Rocking the proper dog running accessories for your workout helps with both its quality and safety. The best running gear for dogs allows visibility, comfort, and confidence. We have listed some of our favorite running gear for dogs so you can have the best bonding experience with your pup.

1 Hands-Free Dog Running Belt And Leash

Dog leash and belt to keep you safe during a run - dog running accessories

One of the absolute essentials when going for a run with your pup is a hands-free running belt and leash. This is a safe solution where you don’t have to worry about holding onto your dog’s leash in addition to your workout. Using a hands-free leash also helps keep your running form intact.

The leash is a bungee-type material, so any tugging will be reduced to help you stay on course. The belt also contains pouches for your phone, dog bags, keys, etc. so everything is secure and you can concentrate on your dog and workout.

2 Running Safety LED Vest

 Dog running accessories - high visibility safety vest

In addition to keeping your pup well-lit and reflected, it’s super important to make sure you are highly visible as well. The running vest straps securely around your body with highly visible red and white LED lights. The vest is designed with reflective stripes to ensure you are visible to cars and people from a distance.

3 Dog Running LED Safety Harness

Padded dog harness that is durable and lights up - dog running accessories

Having your pup wear a harness that lights up while you run is an awesome option to increase your dog’s visibility. This padded dog harness is durable, comfortable, and breathable. It’s USB rechargeable and has multiple colors to select from because (obviously)  you want to choose your dog’s favorite color.

4 Folding Dog Water Bowl

portable dog bowl easily folds with a zipper, making it small and compact to keep your dog hydrated

It’s crucial that your pup stays hydrated during your run together. This portable dog bowl easily folds with a zipper, making it small and compact. The clip on the collapsible dog bowl can easily be placed onto your running belt or tucked into one of the pouches. Making sure your pup is hydrated is one of the most important dog running accessories!

5 Reflective Dog Collar Band

Velcro dog band that is reflective and keeps you and your dog safe and visible

This light and durable band easily Velcro’s over your dog’s current collar. The band is reflective and is an extra safety precaution that is easy to take anywhere. The reflective dog collar band is great to use on the roads or on the trails to keep your pup well-lit.

6 USB Rechargeable Dog Collar Light

waterproof bright night light easily clips onto your dog’s collar

This waterproof night light easily clips onto your dog’s collar and is BRIGHT. It recharges via a provided USB and comes in a pack of two. The clip-on light can be switched between red and white and has a flashing mode as well. Your pup will easily be able to see what’s around them during your evening runs or walks.