Giving Your Dog A Massage

Dog massage therapy is an opportunity for pups to be treated like the royalty they are. Humans love massages because it feels great and there’s a whole variety of health benefits. So why not give your dog this joy? If you have never thought about giving your dog a massage, here’s the chance to read about it and give them dog massage therapy at home.

Dog Massage Therapy Techniques At Home

There isn’t a ton of scientific data to back up all the benefits for dogs, but it is still recommended by veterinary experts. Since dog’s circulation is similar to humans, the advantages that we see from massages are assumed to transfer over to our dogs as well. Dog massage therapy can help with an assortment of benefits including your pup’s range of motion and flexibility, digestion, muscle tone, and anxiety.

Giving your dog massages will help you bond together as well. You will be more likely to notice new bumps or differences in their appearance because you are spending more time observing them. And, obviously, massages feel great!

How to give your dog a massage

Dog Massage Therapy Tips

Here is a list of considerations and ideas when pampering your pooch with a massage.

Find a comfortable area for your dog in your home

You want your pup to feel as relaxed as possible before giving them a massage. This includes choosing the right time as well – trying to give them a massage when they are hyper or just had a play time is not a good idea. Find a place and a time that are both relaxing for your pup. Make sure the area you select is also comfortable in terms of having a mat, blanket, or bed for them to lay on. Relaxing music can also help calm the vibe for your dog.

Softly begin to massage your dog

Press against your dog’s skin lightly on your first area of concentration. Your hands should move slowly using long motions. These should be in areas you know they enjoy being touched, such as their back or belly. If your dog seems to be in any type of pain or is scared, make sure you stop immediately. Once they become comfortable and enjoy this feeling, you can also massage your dog using gentle pressure in a circular motion with your fingertips.

Gradually move to other areas of your dog’s body

As you observe and move to other areas of your dog’s body, you can gently increase the pressure if they are enjoying the experience. Of course, do not touch areas they typically don’t like being touched and avoid pressing down on their bones and joints. Many people will start from the head and work their way across the dog’s body.

Massage your dog towards their heart when possible

As you give your dog these long strokes, make sure the direction is focused towards their heart. This can help promote circulation in their blood and lymphatic system.

Dog Massage Tips

Enjoy trying out this amazing massage and bonding experience with your pup. Ever wonder why your pup loves getting their stomach scratched so much? Find out in our post ‘Why Do Dogs Like Belly Rubs?’