Special Valentine’s Day Gifts For Dogs And Pup Parents To Express Your Puppy Love

Every day really is Valentine’s Day to celebrate the love you have for your dog. Any dog lover knows this. But this time of year there are special Valentine’s Day gifts for dogs and humans that are simply irresistible.

Here are gifts ideas for dogs, dog moms, and dog parents to express the bond, love, and awesomeness that exists in this world.

Valentine’s Day Heart Headband And Bandana

Valentine's Day Gifts For Dogs Costume And Bandana Free Kisses Set

Your dog will dazzle the crowd on Valentines Day with this adorable heart-shaped headband and checkered ‘Free Kisses’ bandana.

Dog Mom Valentine’s Day T-Shirt

Valentine's Day Gifts For Dogs - Dog Mom Shirt

I mean, if the dog mom shirt fits.. rock it!

Valentine’s Day 3D Pop-Up Dog House Card

valentine's day gifts for dogs - A Valentine's Day card for the dog lover that is 3D and pop up.We dare you to find a cooler Valentine’s Day dog card than this. This is such an awesome pup pop-up 3D dog house card with the cutest hearts and Valentine’s detail. This piece of art is one you will want to display all year round.

Dog On A Date Valentine’s Dress

Valentine's Day Gifts For Dogs - Adorable dog valentine's day gift of a beautiful pink and red dress and big bow.

This dog dress is the perfect outfit for your dog Valentine’s Day date. This red and pink dress with a red bow (created for smaller dogs) will wow any dog at the dog park.

Adorable Dog Valentine Shirts 2 Pack

Two cute Valentine's Pawentine's Day shirts for your dog

Two Pawlentine’s Day shirts for your pup to rock. Because we all know that your dog needs two wear two outfits on such a special occasion.

Valentine’s Day Dog Bandana

Valentine's Day Gifts For Dogs - My Mom Is My Valentine Red Dog Bandana

We all know that our dog is our valentine. And you KNOW your dog is your valentine. Let them show their love for you loud and proud with this adorable bandana that expresses their love for their dog parent.

Best Friends Dog And Owner Matching Pendant And Necklace

Valentine's Day Gifts For Dogs - Dog and owner best friends jewelry set

What screams love more than you and your dog having matching jewelry? Think the old friendship bracelets completely renovated to include your unconditional friend. They can wear this heart on their collar and you can wear the heart around your neck. These can be worn year-round so the world knows the love you and your dog have for each other.

Dog Mom Hoodie With Pup Pocket

Dog Mom Hoodie Valentine's Day Gifts For Dogs And Dog Moms

A dog carrier, in the form of a cute sweatshirt with dog ears and a puppy pouch? YES, YES, and YES.

Valentine’s Day Heart Themed Dog Collar

Valentine's Day Gifts For Dogs pink white and red heart flower dog collar

Your dog will look so festive with this heart-themed pattern pup collar with a beautiful flower decoration. It’s got the Valentine’s Day vibe mixed in with style.

Valentine’s Day Dog Collar Festive Accessory

Valentine's Day gifts for dogs - festive dog collar accessory

Sometimes (ok, all of the time) your dog should just be a little extra. This elastic and poofy dog collar is festive so your dog is sure to make a fashion statement.

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Dogs – Heart Shaped Dog LED Light

2 piece LED clip-on light for night time

These clip-on heart LED lights will arrive in a pack of two. We love this year-round gift because they are not only some of the cutest night lights we have seen for pups, but because this bright light is a great safety precaution to keep you and your dog visible at night.

Valentine’s Day Dog Heart Bandana And Themed Toys

Dog themed collar and Valentine's Day toys in red and white

This 4 pack includes a heart-shaped dog bandana and Valentine’s Day themed dog toys are the perfect addition to the day that celebrates your love. And it doesn’t hurt that you will love their bandana on them and they will love their toys. It’s a win-win!

And, most of all, spend time with your dog this Valentine’s Day. They will love your love more than anything.

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Valentine's Gifts For Dogs - Will you be my pawentine?