My dog Harvey is a Texas Heeler – and the first thing I am just throwing out there if you are considering adopting one is that I hope you like being active. I have not yet found a way to make this girl tired – and she’s ran half-marathons (well, jogged, because she has to slow down for anyone who runs with her.) My Texas Heeler pup is super intelligent, protective, and needs activities to feel alive. Harvey adores nature and being outside constantly, unless it’s raining of course. She loves the water but wants it to be her decision to go in!

texas heeler harvey on basic dog mom

Texas Heeler Breed Name

Guess what state you are most likely to find a Texas Heeler? Yup – Texas. My pup Harvey is actually from Houston, Texas, and was brought in from a rescue during Hurricane Harvey. The “Heeler” part originates from their Australian Cattle Dog parents, also referred to as the Queensland Heeler or Blue Heeler. These dogs also have an Australian Shepard parent.

Texas Heeler Appearance

Most Texas Heelers average around 40-50 lbs – my pup is 45 pounds of pure muscle. She exercises and plays so much that she can eat more food than her suggested portion and it can be hard for her to maintain that weight. She’s primarily white with black splotches patterned across her body. She also has these splotches on her actual skin, I like to refer to them as her freckles.

Texas Heeler Personality

The Texas Heeler breed is an energetic and hard-working pup and definitely have herding tendencies. Harvey is extremely affectionate and loyal with me but can be an awko taco sometimes with strangers. My girl gets along with her sister Penny, and these breeds should be properly socialized from a young age or you may not have as much success with them around other dogs. She can be very protective of her sister as well, and will run across the dog park if her sister so much as moves her tail away from another dog.

My Texas Heeler is also a great watchdog, as many are. Mine in particular enjoys going nuts over threats including other dogs walking on leashes and minding their own business, squirrels, and the occasional leaf that looks like maybe in a certain light could be a reflection of a frog.

Texas Heeler Grooming

Harvey is pretty low-maintenance when it comes to grooming. Her hair is shorter so as long as she has a good brush to get all that fur off (she’s a shedder) she’s good to go. She isn’t pleased, but also needs constant baths because we go on hikes and to park regularly and she hasn’t seen a puddle of mud she didn’t like.

Adopt Some Energy

If you have the time and the energy to provide to your doggo, you will be blessed to have one in your home. My Texas Heeler motivates me everyday to keep moving, blows my mind with her intellect, and truly cherishes the bond that we share.

Personally, living in Texas, I see many Texas Heelers ready to find their furever homes. Many times when looking them up you can find them under Australian Cattle or Australian Sheppard dog mix or Blue Heeler mix – the “Texas” part typically isn’t included in the searches. Using Petfinder and placing your location and adding these two breeds should hopefully get you on your way to “healing” and improving your life with one of these doggos.