1. Pups, kisses, and starfish wishes.
  2. And not a single woof was given.
  3. Aloe my pup very much.
  4. Welcome to the pool pawty!
  5. You must be my backyard, because I dig you.
  6. Love you to the beach and back.
  7. And to the ocean I will go, with my pup to find my soul
  8. Stay close to pups who feel like sunshine.
  9. Sunshine and dogs are the best medicine.
  10. Made fur summer days.
  11. Some dogs just make a splash into your life.
  12. Happiness is a day at the beach with your dog.
  13. When in doubt, grab your dog and paddle it out, don’t forget to boop the snout.
  14. If you need to reach me or my pup, call us on our shell.
  15. Pups just wanna have sun.
  16. Giving in to pier pressure with my pup.
  17. My dog and I mermaid for each other.
  18. I followed my heart, and it lead me to the beach with a leash.
  19. A good beach day keeps the vet away.
  20. Friends, sand, dogs, and sea, that sounds like a summer to me.
  21. I’ll have a side of beach with my morning coffee and dog walk.
  22. Palm trees, ocean breeze, and my dog? Yes, please.
  23. Always DTS – Down To Snooze
  24. The beach gives us time to paws and reflect.
  25. Life is better with flip flops and paws.
  26. My pup, me, and the sea.
  27. The true dog days of summer.
  28. Everything is pawsome!
  29. Happiness is the beach and a wet nose.
  30. The true definition of a hot dog!
  31. I puggin’ love the pool.
  32. When you’re trying to not get your fur wet.
  33. Gotta soak pup the sun!