You obviously rock the crazy dog mom hat.

And know what day it is by checking out the calendar about your dogs thoughts.

You wouldn’t dare drink out of a container that doesn’t show your love for your pup.

This is the best way for you to tell time.

And couldn’t snuggle up with your pup without your doggo PJ’s.

And this is your standard house-warming gift.

When your paws aren’t out, this is what they are covered with.

And couldn’t go to an ugly Christmas sweater party without something like this.

Groceries can only be accessorized in bags like this.

Your dog has a special water bowl for their water, and you have a special glass. It’s only fair.

And one for coffee as well, duh.

You wouldn’t travel without your purse, can your dog really travel without their snacks?

And this list is just the beginning of your crazy dog mom list. Check out this post for the signs of your crazy dog mom amazingness too!