Why do dogs shed? Why do some dogs shed more than others? This is a question that’s bound to come up when you have dogs. Dog moms typically embrace dog fur as a fashion accessory or canine confetti. However, how do you know when their shedding is normal or too much? Could your dog losing their fur mean something more serious? Let’s explore different explanations behind your dog’s shedding and to better understand when there may be something important to look for.

why is my dog shedding so much

So Why Do Dogs Shed?

Your dog shedding their fur is a natural process for them and an essential part of their skin’s health. They naturally lose their fur when it stops growing or becomes damaged.  Your pup’s fur protects their skin against the sun and also helps control their body temperature.

Why Do Dogs Shed Their Fur

What Factors Contribute To The Frequency and Quantity Of A Dog’s Shedding?

The frequency and quantity of their shedding depends on several factors. A few of these include their breed, health condition, the season, and their environment. Here are a few of the primary reasons:

Your Dog May Shed Because They Are Stressed Out

Have you ever taken your dog to the vet or boarded them and noticed their shedding has visibly increased? Sometimes, if dogs have anxiety and are in unfamiliar or unpleasant situations, they have a tendency to shed more. Your vet can help you address this behavioral issue and work with you on potential solutions to help alleviate the stressful situation, therefore reducing the extra shedding.

Your Dog May Have Skin Issues

Excessive fur loss can occur with certain skin disorders such as parasites or fleas. Additionally, ringworm, cancers, immune diseases, and other issues may cause your dog to shed way more than usual or even cause bald patches. Consult your veterinarian promptly if you notice your pup is losing fur, and it’s accompanied by skin irritations like rashes or bumps.

Allergies Can Cause Shedding In Dogs

Just like humans, dogs can get allergies too. This can be triggered by areas including the environment, food, genetics, or fleas. Some dogs may shed their skin from these allergies, so this is another situation you need to check in with your veterinarian for guidance.

Why Do Dogs Shed

How To Manage Your Dog’s Shedding

You can’t stop your dog from shedding because it’s natural and healthy for them, but there are a few actions you can take to potentially reduce the amount of shedding.

  • Ask your veterinarian or groomer for recommendations for products that is ideal for your dog’s fur type and will healthily help reduce the amount of shedding.
  • Regularly brush your dog’s fur to help get rid of damaged and dead hair. Make sure the brush is conducive to your dog’s fur type. Bristle brushes are great for coarse coats, and pin brushes are optimal for long and sleek coats.
  • Your pup should always be hydrated and have water available to them. There are countless reasons why hydration is so important, but when their skin is hydrated, it helps with hair loss.
  • There are shedding tools available that can help remove that dead hair your dog would have naturally lost anyway. And this way, you have more control over where the fur goes.
  • Ensure your dog has a healthy diet! When they are receiving the nutrients they need, the hair follicles become stronger.
  • Regular bathe your dog because this also helps remove dead fur before it falls off, not to mention keeps your pup clean.

Why Does My Dog Shed So Much

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