Why do dogs lick you so much? Well, you may think it’s because they really love you, so they want to kiss you. And guess what? It’s true! One of my dogs constantly licks me, and I know it’s because she just wants to tell me how we are the best of friends. While dogs licking you can display their love and affection, there are actually a few reasons why their deliciously smelling tongues swipe across your face. Today we are going into the different reasons dogs may lick you and other people.

Why do dogs lick you

Dogs may lick you because they love you

Dogs may lick you as a sign of affection and love for you. They want you to know how much they care for you. So your dog may lick your face because they just love your face!

Dogs love to lick their owners

Dogs may lick owners because they don’t want them in their face

Your dog may be licking you because they need a little personal space. You aren’t the only one who needs space sometimes. When dog moms, dog dads, and dog lovers stick their face into a dog’s face, the dog may not be in the mood for that type of affection. Therefore, they may give you a kiss and hope that you will get out of their face for a while.

Dogs may like to lick you because you are tasty

Dogs may have a craving when they lick your face, or they lick your hands. Sometimes, dogs want (or just like) salt or whatever they can lick off of you. So it may just be they think you taste good. My dog constantly licks me when I get out of the shower, and I know she loves the way it tastes. This also may be why your dog licks you when you cry. Which isn’t the worst thing, because you get kisses from it!

Dogs may lick owners because they don’t want them in their face

Dogs licking you can be a signal for something

My dog loves licking my face in the morning. While I know they love me, they are usually trying to get me up, so they can eat food. So your dog may use licking as a signal they are hungry and want to eat, or they are trying to solicit your attention in some way. My dogs love to lick my hands and my feet when I am laying down as a method to try and get me up.

Dogs licking behavior came from a long time ago

Your dog licking you has evolved from the wolf puppy behavior of licking the mouths of adult dogs. This prompts the regurgitation of partially digested food.

My dogs love to lick my hands and my feet when I am laying down as a method to try and get me up.

Why does my dog lick the air?

Some dogs may not be licking you directly, but licking the air while you pet or scratch them. This may be a way of your dog telling you they are loving whatever pet you are giving them! This typically just means your dog is letting you know that what you are doing feels good. Some dogs may also lick the air as a sign that they are overstimulated.

Why do dogs lick their paws after they eat?

This is another licking behavior that you may notice with your dog. They may start to lick their paws after their meal. This does not mean they are hungry, but a part of their self-grooming routine. It’s kind of like how we wash our hands after a meal. Your pup may sit down on her bed or the ground and lick their paws as a method of cleaning themselves. There isn’t a reason for concern as long as this behavior does not seem obsessive and stops after a few minutes.

Why do dogs lick their paws after they eat?

Dogs lick for a variety of reasons. If you feel like it’s excessive or may be a sign of something else, definitely check-in with your veterinarian. Otherwise, enjoy the extra kisses that you get from your furry best friends!

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