Who has the most dogs in the world? What countries have the most dogs? Let’s learn some fun dog facts today!

Who Has The Most Dogs In The World

Who has the most dogs in the world?

Kublai Khan owned 5000 dogs! An Italian writer an explorer, Marco Polo, wrote about how many dogs the Great Khan of the Mongol Empire owned. Marco Polo wrote that Kublai Khan had primarily two types of dogs. He described the Tibetan Spaniels (the smaller pups) as “little golden-coated dogs nimble dogs.” The majority of dogs were the Tibetan Mastiffs. These dogs were described as “tall as a donkey with a voice as powerful as a lion. Strong enough to hunt all sorts of wild beasts particularly the wild oxen which are extremely large and fierce.” His dogs were used in hunting and war.

What countries have the most dogs?

Here are the top 10 countries in terms of having the most dogs and how many they have.

10. Romania – 4.1 Million Dogs

9. France – 7.4 Million Dogs

8. Argentina – 9.2 Million

7. India – 10.2 Million Dogs

6. Philippines – 11.6 Million Dogs

5. Japan – 12.0 Million Dogs

4. Russia – 15.0 Million Dogs

3. China – 27.4 Million Dogs

2. Brazil – 35.7 Million Dogs

1. United States of America – 75.8 Million Dogs

Who has the most dogs in the world

What are more fun dog statistics?

Here are a few more fun dog facts to bring out at the dog park.

  • It’s estimated that there are more than 900 million dogs around the globe.
  • More than 58% of women have at least one pet.
  • There are over 150 different dog breeds, statistics say.
  • 33% of Americans considered adopting a pet during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Around 48% of households have a small dog.

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