Dog retail therapy is real (to me.) I decided it would be fun to take a walk (pun kind of intended) down memory lane by looking through my Amazon history past orders. First off, my Amazon account shows all my orders from 2003 – so it took a second to hit in that I have been using Amazon for 17 years.

PSA, if you want to look at your previous Amazon orders, just go to the menu bar and select “Your Orders.” You can then filter by keyword, or order date (which includes Last 30 Days, Last 3 months, current year, and every year you have been active (in my case, it is broken out yearly from 2003-2020. .

And not only did it spark a million new blog post ideas (I read a lot about dogs, if you can’t tell) – I realized this may have to be it’s own little series at some point. The list is long (will not confirm or deny if it’s over 150 items) and I want to spend time writing not only my reviews, but what the rationale was behind my purchase (if any.)

Please send me your favorite past Amazon dog purchases – or anywhere, really. It is a fun adrenaline rush to see what other doggo parents spend their canine money on.

Pet Gear Pet Ramp Stroller

I purchased this dog stroller for my little Penny – she tore her ACL and I felt so guilty about taking her sister out to play. et Gear NO-ZIP Stroller, Push Button Zipperless Dual Entry, for Single or Multiple Dogs/Cats, Pet Can Easily Walk In/Out, No Need to Lift Pet, Boysenberry, ExpeditionOnce Penny’s surgery started to heal, little by little she was allowed to ride in the stroller after her allotted walk time for the day. Sometimes when it was time to get out, she refused because of her comfort level. And I usually keep it in my car because it easily folds to fit in my backseat, but the few times it has been left in the house she legit will use it as her alone time.

Spring Float Float Paddle Paws Dog Pool Float

My pup Harvey is obsessed with the water. However, it took her awhile to get used to a flat where she did nor have to do anything to flat. The first time out on the boat with Harvey being guided by a rope was, interesting, but I am happy to say since then she’s been a really trooper and embracing it!

Peat Great Stamp Stairs and Ramp Combination

This is also a great investment that is a ramp for my little ACL healer – she uses this on the couch so she can always look out the window to watch her doggy television. And it’s way safer for her to be using a ramp than her hurt leg to jump on and off of the couch or bed

Pooch Selfie: The Original Dog Selfie

Every dog mom loves a good selfie with her doggo. I got this Pooch Selfie I saw one time on Shark Tank so I could take selfies with my pup and have them pay attention. And if there’s a ball in there, trust me, my dog is focused on looking at the ball anticipatingly!

Mesh Popup Dog Laundry Hamper

Um, a puppy dog pop-laundry hamper? Yes please! I bought mind in 2018 and it’s still going strong! Let’s see some leveled up adulting laundry loads with this one :)