This past weekend the speediest and fastest dog in the world was announced at the AKC Fast CAT Invitational in Orlando. The winner? A 4 year old female mixed-breed named Phelan from Maryland that triumphed over a hundred purebred dogs. Phelan has been awarded with the title of the speediest canine today.

The pupper ran 100 yards in at 6.346 seconds – which translates to 32.3 mph. Usain Bolt’s fastest time hasn’t be clocked in over 28mph yet, for reference. So this doggo is the fastest dog in the world AND easily can beat the fastest human in the world.

So still think your pup is fast? Then get them running outside with you and get them involved! This race is a timed 100 yard straight pupper dash where dogs run one at a time. Their speed is then converted into miles per hour. And as long as your pup is a year old, they can participate. So all the mix-breed dog mom’s are welcome. Dogs are ranked by breed so you don’t technically have to have the speediest dog to participate and rank.

In fact, your dog could be a future Buster. The crowd favorite Buster was awarded with the Turtle Award for being the slowest pup to race. Buster is the fastest Pekingese in the nation and won everyone’s hearts (just lost the timed competition!)

Buster may also be the fluffiest doggo in the world

Call your local AKC club and check if they offer Lure Coursing or the Coursing Ability Test and then just find an event and gooooo!