It’s about time to show the pawsidential future of a rescue dog. Major’s life started from a neglected and life-threatening situation. And worked his way up to President Elect Biden’s rescue dog as the first dog-elect ever residing in the White House.

Not only will they making their mark (pun-intended) in the White House – Biden’s rescue dog Major and his brother Champ will be the first dogs to live on the White House property in 4 years!

I absolutely believe Biden’s rescue dog Major and his brother Champ will enjoy their new pupgraded life. They will also take their #DOTUS career duties seriously. As long as it pays in their favorite treats and bones, of course.

I am also hoping they will have a special mini-dog White House replica created especially for them. This will obviously be complete with a #DOTUS sign on the doggy door. And maybe a future White House royal dog park? Or give them a pup-ortunity to be in the Senate? Just saying..

There has been buzz around news sites that Major and Champ currently have their own Instagram / Twitter accounts like my Penny and Harvey have. However, all of the social media links I was attempting to visit has their accounts removed or revoked. The Twitter currently states it’s suspended (seriously, how controversial can a dog be?) So hopefully this is (or will be!) a thing, and their social media accounts will be active.

PSA: Joe Biden, Dr. Biden, Major, Champ, and their PR team, we would love to apply to run the presidential pup elect’s social media :) Check out our little bio here and just

just send us a message :)

DHA Delaware Human Association Major Biden Adoption Rescue
Biden adopting Major Biden at the Delaware Humane Association

Biden’s Rescue Dog Major’s Adoption

Back in 2008, USA today released an article detailing how Joe Biden was adopting an adorable German Shepard. The Delaware Humane Association additionally announced Biden’s rescue dog story via their Facebook page. Consequently, Major was adopted from a litter of six other German shepherd puppies. These pups needed emergency life-saving care after being exposed to something toxic in their previous home.

We are so happy to welcome Major to the Biden family, and we are grateful to the Delaware Humane Association for their work in finding forever homes for Major and countless other animals.”

-CNN interview

Major Already Making a Major Impact

Unquestionably, dogs are just the best. The Delaware Human Association are currently collecting donations on their website in honor of Major’s ‘Major life’ upgrade to support other rescue dogs life pupgrades. The Delaware Humane Association announced the news this weekend on Facebook, with photos of the two spending time together.

Major Biden is on his way to Washington as The White House’s first shelter dog! Major is a rags-to-riches story that showcases the potential of shelter dogs when they’re given a chance through adoption. Make a donation today to give homeless animals a chance, and we will send your name and message to the Biden Family in appreciation of your support.

Delaware Humane Association

Welcome to the White House, Major + Champ Biden!