Shelby Farms Dog Park Review

Shelby Farms Dog Park in Memphis, Tennessee is one of my favorite dog parks to visit during a road trip. First, it’s HUGE! Like over 100 acres of leash-free dog fun kinda huge. This beautiful park calls the dog-friendly area the Outback. This is a fun multi-use area that includes over 100 acres of open fields, ponds, and trails to explore. Shelby Farms Park is one of the largest urban parks in the country with 4500 acres of park.

I have visited with my pups several times and I still have not been able to cover all there is to see here. There is a “main” dog area that is fenced at the entrance and there are mostly pups there. But as you go into the trails and trees you will come across cyclists, hikers, horses, runners, and beautiful scenery.

This is a very popular pup park in Memphis, but given the actual size you can easily go off on your own with your pup. This park is breathtaking any season of the year and will continue to be my Memphis road trip dog park stop.

Dog Park Tips

My pups have gotten pretty stinky here so I would recommend bringing towels or pup wipes or something just in case yours does the same. Especially if your dog loves the water or mud – they will find many areas to have the time of their life and get pretty gross at the same time.

Dog Park Overall Rating