One of the most important initial decisions you will make about your new pup is their name! There are so many ideas and origins how to create the perfect new name for your pup such as the most popular dog names, your favorite food, or the unique story of how you and your dog found each other. There are also some best practices when teaching your pup their new name. This post will help you navigate your options and give you ideas for your new Homeward Bound (or Dolly Pawton, or Dumbo, or..)


Most Popular Dog Names

Based on this Cosmo article that has the top 200+ over names, the 25 most popular dog names of 2020 includes:

1. Rocky
2. Annie
3. Luna
4. Milo
5. Bailey
6. Roscoe
7. Scout
8. Buddy
9. Cooper
10. Max
11. Bentley
12. Koda
13. Sadie
14. Bella
15. Daisy
16. Copper
17. Loki
18. Rufus
19. Zeus
20. Kona
21. Remi
22. Pepper
23. Piper
24. Bandit
25. Winnie


Important things to consider when selecting a dog name

Your dogs personality and unique characteristics

Is your huge Lab a shy little pup? How about Mouse? Or does your dog have a unique pattern that resembles a particular idea or name such as Cloud, Spot, Houndstooth?

Location you found your rescue pup

Penny was found abandoned in a parking lot named Penn Field, she’s copper, and the rest is history – she has her perfect name. Was your pup rescued in a special city, street, or location? Consider integrating this into their future name.

A theme you enjoy

Are you a huge Elvis Presley fan? How about Elvis? Or let’s say you are a chess fiend – you could name your pup Rook, Bishop, the possibilities are endless to integrate your passion with your new passion of a pup.


What to remember when choosing your pup’s name

  • Try to choose a one or two syllable names as longer names can be harder for your pup to learn. However, the exception would be if you have a fabulous long name for your pup. Just make sure their nickname you use with them is shortened.
  • Avoid changing your dogs name if they already know their name.
  • Avoid choosing a name that could be mistaken for one of the commands you intend to teach your dog.
  • Once you have decided their perfect name, use it as often as you can. The more frequent you use your pup’s name with them, the quicker they will learn.
  • Don’t use your dogs name to yell at them – you want them to like their new name! Use it when you are playing, petting, giving treats, and having fun, so they develop a positive association.

There are plenty of sites that you can easily Google which provides name ideas and inspirations, like this one. Take your time and your inner dog mom (check out that post) sense will know when you have found their new identify with their pawsome new life.

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