Golden Retriever Reviews are easy to write given this timeless and classic dog breed. They’ve got everything: Looks, smarts, and the overwhelming friendliness that makes them one of the top choices for family dogs. What is it about them that makes them so special and a favorite amongst the dog moms of the world? I’m glad you asked. Here’s a little more insight into why this breed takes the gold.

Adorable Golden Retriever cuddling with his stuffed Golden Retriever toy in the bed.

A Brief History of the Breed

Where do Golden Retrievers even come from? The earliest documentation of the breed comes from the 1800s in Scotland when they were developed by Lord Tweedmouth at Inverness-Shire. And yes, I did include this fact solely because of that fantastic name. But the history of the Golden Retriever is also hinted at in their name: Retriever. The breed was intended for use when hunting games on both lands and in the water, which meant they needed to be bred for intelligence and communication with their owners. This original purpose gave the Golden Retrievers the excellent traits we still value them for today.

Three Golden Retrievers hanging out in the grass all smiles.

Golden Retriever Disposition

Golden Retrievers have one of the best dispositions, which has led to them being one of the most popular family dogs to date. They may have originated as working dogs, but they make ideal companion animals as well because of their chill nature and loving hearts. Did you know the oldest Golden Retriever was 20 years old? While most don’t live quite so long, it’s not uncommon to get 10 to 12 years with a Golden Retriever.

Golden Retriever Intelligence

Goldies are one of the top 5 most intelligent dog breeds out there. These hunting companions needed to be pretty smart to be able to cooperate with their handlers. They are easy to train and very playful, but also possess emotional intelligence and build a deep connection with their humans.

Two golden retriever puppies laying down on the flower field.

Golden Retriever Appearance

Talk about a beautiful dog. These medium-sized dogs are known for their beautiful gold coat. They reach 65 to 75lbs in weight and grow to roughly two feet tall. Golden Retriever eyes are bright and intelligent. And did I mention the puppies look like teddy bears? I love buying art to display around the place of my favorite dog breeds.

Golden Retriever Energy

Golden Retrievers have a fairly high energy level and are very playful and inquisitive. They need a lot of exercise and mental stimulation, so be sure you’re prepared to throw the ball around if you’re looking to adopt one! This dog calls for an active person and you’ll have a great time with your Golden Retriever playing in the park or going for a jog. These dogs are companion animals that form strong bonds with their families, so spending time with them is a vital part of their care.

So How Do Golden Retrievers Rank?

I rate this breed a 10/10, hands down. But we knew that going into this Golden Retriever review, didn’t we? This breed is beautiful, friendly, intelligent, and loyal. They’re very manageable to care for and train, and when it comes to love, they give as hard as they get. If you want a dog that will be protective of you and your family but still be playful and goofy then you’ve found a great breed to be a dog mom with.

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