Fur Mom Day is essentially a day that should be celebrated all year long, but has a dedicated day. This day is also known as National Dog Mom Day and will fall on Saturday, May 8th. Fur Mom Day occurs on the second Saturday of May each year, with Mother’s Day that following Sunday. So there’s an action mom-packed weekend where all the moms are celebrated.

National Fur Mom Day is a day to celebrate the love and bonding between you and your pup. Here is a fun craft idea where both you and your pup will have a blast with a cool craft to remember the day by.

Fur Mom Day finished DIY craft

The Fur Mom Day DIY Masterpiece

Fur Mom Day Craft Supplies

  • Paint
  • Saran Wrap
  • Peanut Butter
  • Canvas
  • Paint Marker or Brush (to color in their paw print)Fur Mom Day finished DIY craft

Fur Mom Day Craft Directions

1.) Let your pups ‘pick out’ their paint colors (makes it even more personal!)

2.) Place saran wrap under canvas and make lines or designs with their colors.

3.) Fold saran wrap around the paint and place peanut butter on top of saran wrap.

4.) Let your dog start licking away.

5.) When your pup has completed their masterpiece, pick it up.

6.) Remove saran wrap carefully.

7.) Let your pup sign their art with their paw.

8.) Before painting their paw print, allow the paint to dry (use a hairdryer to have done in 3 minutes.)

9.) Use a paint marker (or regular paint) to color in their paw print.

10.) Add your pup’s name if wanted at the bottom and display your pup’s masterpiece!Fur Mom Day finished DIY craft

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