Funny Chihuahua Memes That Just Make Sense

Chihuahuas are expressive in everything they do, and their faces do not lie. Here are funny Chihuahua memes that are perfect to send to your friends and co-workers and let them know how you really feel. These dog memes will help your days go by!

Angry Chihuahua Meme

angry chihuahua meme

Advice that everyone should take. Do not make a Chihuahua mad!

Birthday Chihuahua Meme

birthday chihuahua meme

Yappy birthday from the yappiest pup of them all!

Funny Dogtective Chihuahua Meme

chihuahua dog meme

Don’t worry – the dogtective has you covered. They’re professionals.

Chihuahua In Hoodie Meme

chihuahua in hoodie meme

What’s you know ’bout that chi life?

Chihuahua In Pink Dress Meme

chihuahua in pink dress meme

And if you don’t get it, you can’t sit with us.

Chihuahua Mom Meme

chihuahua mom meme

Chihuahua dog moms just get this.

Chihuahua With Tongue Out Meme

chihuahua sticking tongue out meme

All well. Get me a treat now?

Chihuahua Sleeping Meme

chihuahua sleeping meme

Beauty rest is a tad more important than any manual labor.

Chihuahua With Sombrero Meme

chihuahua with sombrero meme

No hablo dog.

Crying Chihuahua Meme

crying chihuahua meme

Send this to anyone who even thinks to say something they shouldn’t!

Cute Chihuahua Meme

cute chihuahua memes

I’ll take a grande of this, please.

Fat Chihuahua Meme

fat chihuahua meme

I’m in shape. Round is a shape.

Funny Chihuahua Meme

funny chihuahua memes

Our friendship never ends!

Ugly Chihuahua Meme

ugly chihuahua meme

No such thing as ugly dogs – just ugly owners!

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