Here are 15 interesting, random, and fun facts about dogs!

Dogs are awesome, so clearly that means there are fun facts about dogs that are funny, cute, and some almost too crazy to be true! Here are 15 of our favorite interesting and fun facts about dogs.

1. Dogs are able to recognize around 150 words.

Fun Facts About Dogs

Dogs brains process new words the same way as humans do, where both the left and the right brain work together to figure out the meaning.

2. When a puppy is born, it’s blind, deaf, and teeth-less.

Fun Facts About Dogs

The first sense a puppy feels is touch – so make sure you are gentle and give the puppy lots of tender love to start off their world beautifully.

3. The smallest dog in the world is a Chihuahua.

The smallest dog in the world is a chihuahua named Milly.

Milly was recognized by the Guinness World Records as the world’s smallest full-grown pup. She was less than 4 inches tall!

4. Smaller dog breeds mature faster than larger breeds.

Fun Facts About Dogs

This difference in their aging process is imbalanced throughout their lives. Smaller dog breeds mature faster than larger dog breeds, but after the first few years it evens out. The larger dog breed will then take the baton and mature faster than their smaller counterparts around the age of 5.

5. Former U.S. President Teddy Roosevelt owned a Bulldog named Pete who ripped the pants off of the French ambassador.

Fun Facts About Dogs

Pete also bit White House visitors regularly, eventually getting himself banned from the White House.

6. Three dogs survived the Titanic.

Fun Facts About Dogs

One Pekingese and two Pomeranians survived the Titanic, and their owners were First Class cabin passengers.

7. Dogs can be trained to count.

Fun Facts About Dogs

Some dogs can even solve basic math problems.

8. No two dog noses are alike.

Fun Facts About Dogs

Like people with their fingerprints, dog’s have their own unique identifier. Their noses have their own patterns of ridges and creases.

9. Dalmatians are born white!

Fun Facts About Dogs

Their spots emerge after a few days, but they don’t come out at birth with all of those cute puppy freckles.

10. The bloodhound’s nose is so skilled at scent tracking, it can be used as admissible evidence in a court of law.

Fun Facts About Dogs

Researchers estimate that a bloodhound’s nose consists of around 230 million olfactory cells, or “scent receptors.”  This is 40 times the amount that humans have.

11. Dogs cannot have an appendicitis.

Fun Facts About Dogs

Because they do not have an appendix.

12. Dogs bark differently around the world.

Fun Facts About Dogs

We may think dogs say ‘woof’ – but other countries think they are saying something else! For example, in Romania they bark ‘ham-ham’, in Sri Lanka they are ‘buh-buh’, and in Vietnam they bark ‘gâu-gâu.’

13. Poodles haircuts were originally meant to improve their swimming abilities.

Fun Facts About Dogs

That’s what started their funny haircuts – it wasn’t fashion!

14. Duke was a Great Pyrenees who served four-terms as the elected dog mayor of Cormorant Village, Minnesota.

Fun Facts About Dogs

Duke did an amazing job acting as the village’s ambassador to the public during his terms in office.

15. It has been shown that humans blood pressure decreases when petting dog.

Fun Facts About Dogs

The dog’s blood pressure can lower as well!

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