The University of West Georgia hosted their graduation this past weekend, and it included an honorary “bark-chelor” degree for a pupper named Mona. Mona has been going to classes with her mom Maggie (without complaining) for the past few years while pursueing her nursing degree. Mona is an amazing labradoodle that was brought into her life from the Diabetic Alert Dogs of America.

This group’s mission is:

To provide individuals and families that are challenged by Diabetes with world class Service Dogs. These service dogs provide quality of life by providing independence, companionship, and lifesaving abilities. The true measure of our success are the individual lives that are saved or changed for the better as a result of our work.

Diabetic Alert Dogs of America

Mona has been helping her mom detect her blood sugar levels for years now. The Atlantic Journal Constitution noted that once everyone understood why Mona was around, the dog became pretty much the most pup-ular student on campus. When Mona’s mom went to receive her degree she was surprised with a printed “bark-chelor of science in nursing” degree for Mona.

The AJC quoted Maggie reflecting on her journey in saying that “I’m just hoping that it shows other people like me who have a service dog that they can still obtain a high level of education and do what they’ve always dreamed of doing with their lives,”

That is paws-atively a rockin’ dog mom duo force!