Decorate Your Social Media With Dog Christmas Instagram Captions, Sayings, And Quotes

Santa Paws is almost here and we hope you have your dog Christmas Instagram captions ready. If not, no fear, dog Christmas quotes are here! Your dog may not be ready for all the Christmas pictures, reindeer antlers, and Santa Paws beards – but that doesn’t mean you aren’t excited for them!

Once you snap the picture-perfect snapshot of your adorable Christmas dog, use one of these Instagram sayings, quotes, and captions to add that extra sparkle to any pic. Whether your dog Christmas pics are funny, adorable, punny, or just ‘awww’, you will find something here to decorate your social media post.

And if you are still looking for a Christmas gift for that special pup, check out The 2021 Christmas List For Dogs.

  • Sleigh all day.
  • Happy Howlidays!
  • When you get a little excited and end up decorating the dog.
  • Feeling frosty.
  • Santa’s little yelper.
  • Oh Christmas Treat, Oh Christmas Treat!
  • Deck the paws.
  • Chestnuts roasting by an open fire, puppies nipping at your toes.
  • May your Christmas be furry and bright.
  • Unleashing all kinds of joy this holiday season.
  • What do this Christmas tree and your pup have in common? Bark!
  • Dachshund through the snow.
  • Bark! The herald angels sing.
  • Deck the halls with frisbees and balls..
  • Feliz Navidog!
  • Pets beginning to look a lot like Christmas.
  • Some fat dude tried to break in last night. Don’t worry, I scared him away!
  • Walkin’ in a weenie wonderland!
  • Deck the paws!
  • Dear Santa Paws, I can explain..
  • He’s makin’ a list, I’ve eatin’ it twice!
  • He sees you when you’re eating, he knows when you’ve got snacks.
  • Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, your ornaments are history.
  • Happy Colliedays!
  • Doodle know it’s Christmas?