Penny the Chiweenie here!

Unfortunately, I am on a new dog lifestyle plan (not a dog diet!) to decrease the L-B’s. (That’s pounds in human talk but I know how to spell so jokes on them.) I try telling my mom there’s more to love and this is my summer body. Her (and the vet) refuse to listen to no avail. So here we are, at a crossroad, and it’s looking like I have to walk over it. I figured I would keep myself accountable and write about it in my one cent dog diaries (I take full credit for the name!)

I have attempted tons of new activities and healthier snacks since I tore my ACL a few weeks ago – slowly but surely I am recovering. Here are my current stats and what I am working on to continue this new lifestyle (not diet) journey that I am on. If you want to see more doggy diary pics just follow my instagram here.




20.75 lbs


Today I tried a few! We went to the Georgetown Dog Park in Georgetown, Texas. I walked a couple laps around the pup park while my sister chased her tail and squirrels, and then got to work in the doggy tunnel. I also tried to do some low impact sand jogging, but discovered I am not yet ready to conquer this obstacle. My mom is going to do some stretch exercises with me today to make sure my leg is recovering to the full extent possible.


I (and my I, I mean my mom) swapped out a banana today instead of the usual Pupachino from Starbucks. This is going to be hard. I am still trying to insist this is a diet and temporary, but I keep getting fed (pun intended) the word lifestyle. *Sigh* (but I did eat the banana, wasn’t too bad.)