Cute And Adorable Christmas, Winter, And Holiday Puppy Dog Pics For Your Enjoyment

December is here, which means it’s the perfect time for gifts from Santa Paws, Christmas dog memes, snow and winter captions for your dog, and cute dog Christmas pictures! We have gathered some of our favorite cute Christmas dog pictures and images to give you some dog inspiration for your holidays. See how dogs capture the ‘Merry Christmas’ vibes we are all feeling this holiday simply by being the cute adorable puppies they are.

Make This Dog A Santa Paws Believer

Make This Dog A Santa Paws Believer

This dog seems to be ‘on the fence’ about Santa Paws being real. Hopefully, he will be proven in the power of a pawsome Christmas.

Bah Humpug

Cute Pug Christmas Pictures

Here’s a cute Christmas pug with an even more adorable sassy attitude.

Cute Christmas Puppies

Cute Christmas Puppies Picture

Everyone loves cute puppy Christmas pictures and all of the joy they bring.

These Xmas Dogs Are Waiting Patiently For Santa Paws

These Xmas Dogs Are Waiting Patiently For Santa Paws

What’s cuter than one Christmas puppy? A whole group of Christmas puppies!

Cute Dog With Santa Hat

Cute Dog With Santa Hat Pictures

Being a dog mom means you can take pictures of your dog with a Santa hat on – it’s basically your dog parent right and duty.

Cute Christmas Dog Pictures

Cute Dog Christmas Pictures - Bulldog

This dog was clearly a very good boy all year.

Dogs And Christmas Lights

Cute Dogs With Christmas Lights

Wrap (safely) your dog with Christmas lights and your will have pictures to light up your Instagram and heart.

Elf And Gingerbread Man Dogs

Dog Elf And Gingerbread Man Costumes

This is one of the few times you can go overboard in the year. But you will see how your dog truly feels if you go too overboard!

If you want more Christmas and holiday dog cheer (and what person in their right mind wouldn’t?!), check out the following holiday dog posts to give you even more puppy winter inspiration:

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