Chiweenie personality traits include quite a few that just fit snugly into the dog mom life. Chiweenies (also referred to as the German Taco, Mexican Hot Dog, Choxie, and the Weeniehuahua) add so much love and delight to our lives. Here are a few reasons and traits why the Chiweenie is a huge treasure in a long body. Brown colored chiweenie dog breed

Chiweenies Love For You

If you want to feel like you are the best thing on this planet, the Chiweenie will relentlessly boost your ego. They want to be near their dog mom or dog parents at all times. And by near, I mean touching you. And by touching you, I mean their long body basically squeezing as tightly to cuddle as possible. If you want a dog that loves you more than anything and has a need to show this affection, the Chiweenie is an amazing option for adoption!

Chiweenies Love For Them

In addition to their unconditional love for you, the Chiweenie has a constant need for attention. They love being loved. They tend to gravitate to one dog mom or dog parent, but will absolutely accept love from anyone. If you have one, you have probably mastered the art of multitasking and making sure one hand is always giving your pup attention.

Tan and black chiweenie dog breed

Spunky Chiweenie Personality Traits

This German Taco/Mexican Hot Dog is full of spunk! There is so much zest packed into this breed’s powerhouse personality traits. Chiweenie’s are a hybrid of the chihuahua and the dachshund which equates to the grit of a huge dog sometimes (I always say don’t mess with a Chiweenie!) combined with sassiness, firecracker energy, and the constant need for belly-rubs. The diversity of this breed is a recipe for never being bored.

Protective Chiweenie

At first glance, your Chiweenie is the sweetest little angel and does not appear to want to cause any disruption. However, she will guard you with her life! These Mexican Hot dogs are fiercely loyal to their dog moms. Never underestimate the power of this fearless German Taco. One of the reasons they are so close to you all the time is to make sure you’re safe. Your Chiweenie is an unexpected awesome guard dog. They are constantly aware of their surroundings, and they have no problem being extremely loud and vocal with their yappy barks. This Chiweenie personality trait is yet another reason why they are so unique!

Slightly overweight and adorable chiweenie in the yard

Chiweenies Are A Mixed Grab Bag Breed

Chiweenie’s have style, and it comes in tons of different forms since they are mixed breed dogs. You will find a characteristic not found in every Chiweenie with yours or if you decide to adopt the dog. Their colors tend to be brown, golden, black, white. They can also have a mix of colors on their coat. You can find spotted Chiweenies, a red Chiweenie, and they typically have short coats but can have long coats as well. Their ears can be perky like the chihuahua, floppy like the dachshund, or a combination of both. My Chiweenie, Penny, has characteristics of both that reflect based on her mood.

They are small dogs but some Chiweenies can get overweight quickly, so you have to ensure they are receiving the proper nutrition. You know you have a unique and distinctive pup when you are a Chiweenie parent!