Why Does My Dog Burrow?

2021-07-04T00:58:57-05:00June 7, 2021|Parent|

'Why does my dog burrow' is a question I have asked myself since I adopted Penny, my chiweenie pup. Every night before bed or when she decides it's time to take a royal nap, she burrows under blankets and covers. It's hard to know when she [.....]

6 Reasons To Adopt A Rescue Dog

2021-04-03T22:55:05-05:00April 3, 2021|Parent|

When people ask me where the best place to get a dog is I turn to the shelter every time. Loyal, gentle and desperate for love, shelter dogs truly make the ultimate companions. Nothing compares to the love that a rescue pup will have for you. They truly save [.....]

Consider the Golden Rule When Training Your Dog

2021-03-07T21:20:56-06:00December 19, 2020|Parent|

When training your dog at any point in their life, it could prove beneficial to have a golden rule mentality. Keep it positive! It makes sense that our doggos have negative associations from negative behavior like yelling or screaming, and research agrees. A study focused on companion dogs and common [.....]

What To Name Your Rescue Dog

2021-06-09T22:15:02-05:00November 23, 2020|Parent|

One of the most important initial decisions you will make about your new pup is their name! There are so many ideas and origins how to create the perfect new name for your pup such as the most popular dog names, your favorite food, or the unique story of [.....]

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