Camping with your dogs can be one of the most fun adventures to do together. Your dog loves nature just as much as you do, so if they are able to come along, make sure both of you have the best experience possible. Here are some safety tips and gear ideas when visiting Mother Nature with your favorite pups.

Dog camping gear Do not plan on leaving your dog alone when camping, ever! This means when you are at a campsite or when you are thinking about leaving them in the car. It can worry and disrupt other hikers and campers. This can also be dangerous to your dog because wildlife is everywhere, weather changes fast, forest fires can come out of nowhere, and many other potentially hazardous situations can arise, and you want to make sure you are right there with your pup to make sure everyone is as safe as possible.

Make sure to keep your dog on a leash.

While nature is exciting and fun, it can also cause your dog to test their temptation. They may find food or wildlife to chase, which in turn can result in a scary scenario. Don’t let your dog even think twice about pouncing off by making sure they are securely with you on a leash.

Pack essential items for your pup.

Just like you have your must-haves when camping to stay safe and comfortable, make sure your dog has their items as well. Here are a few items and ideas that dogs use when hiking, camping, and exploring outdoors.

Travel Bag and Supplies

PELEPET Travel Bag for Dogs

Dog travel bags typically have portable dog bowls, space to add dog gear, and containers for any meds or supplies. This can be very convenient to have for camping or any type of weekend trip or traveling. I have one always ready to go, because you never know when a last minute dog-friendly trip will be squeezed in.

Dog Tie Out Cable for Camping

Dog Tie Out Cable for Camping

These dog tie out cables can be helpful when you are on the campsite or somewhere stationary with your pup that gives them a little more freedom than the leash. This can be set up between two trees or anchor points. Your pup’s leash attaches to the cable, and now they have more space to feel free, but safely stay near you.

Safety LED Dog Collar

Safety LED Dog Collar

Safety LED dog collars are helpful to ensure your dog stays visible to you in darkness and help keep your pup safe. I like using ones that are fully USB rechargeable and find that the battery life with each recharge last me weeks when I only use it to walk the pups at night. Just in case they accidentally get loose for any reason, this is also helpful to find them or make sure others see your pup.

Elevated Dog Camping Cot

Pet Gear Lifestyle Pet Cot Elevated Bed

An elevated dog cot is typically easy to fold, portable, and easy to travel with. These type of cots have durable water-resistant fabric, so your pup can adjust to any type of weather. The raised design and mesh center helps to increase air flow and keep your pets cool, which is essential during the hot summer months.

Dog First Aid Kit

Pet First Aid Kit for Dogs

First aid kits for dogs is something you should always keep around. You do for yourself, right? You never know what could happen when traveling and camping in the outdoors with your pup, and it’s a good idea to be prepared. Dog first aid kits typically have gauze, bandages, gloves, antiseptic, and more items to ensure fast first response.

Dog Mosquito Repellant

Vet's Best Mosquito Repellent for Dogs

You don’t want those pesky insects annoying you or your canine companion. Find a good dog-friendly mosquito repellent that does not use DEET. I use this plant-based mosquito repellent that contains natural essential oils like lemongrass to keep my pups mosquito bite free.

Dog Camping Tent

Dog Camping Tent

Yes, dog camping tents are a thing and one of the cutest things ever. While your pup should be in the tent with you at night, why not have a nice little set-up, so they can have their own personal space, too? Dog camping tents typically are easy to set up, fairly light, with waterproof and anti-claw scratch and bite material. Just think of the Instagram picture of your pup in their personal tent and have the best time ever camping with your dogs.

Dog Sleeping Bag

Waterproof Warm Packable Dog Sleeping Bag

You have a sleeping bag at night to stay cozy and warm, why not get one for your pup, too? Dog sleeping bags are an amazingly adorable thing, too. The dog sleeping bag I got my pups has a soft fleece inner layer, is waterproof, and soft. Sometimes they just lay on top of it for extra padding, or they snuggle inside if it’s a little chilly. It even has a zipper by their tail.

Make sure your dog sleeps in the tent with you.

Sleeping with your pups will help keep them safe, comfortable, and possibly more quiet. You don’t want your dog in their own separate area because they may get loose, get too close to wildlife like coyotes, or into any other scary trouble. Making sure your pup sleeps in the tent or wherever you sleep with you is super important, so everyone has a fun experience.

Only bring out food while camping during meals.

The last thing you want to do is keep your pup’s food out all day. That’s basically a welcome sign that your area has food, and wildlife will gravitate to your area. Your dog’s food should be securely packed when they are not eating. Keep any treats you want to give them during the day in the car, so food scents cannot be as easily tracked.

Dog camping gearMaking sure you are prepared is essential for you and your pup to have amazing adventures together while staying safe. Camping with your dog is such a rewarding experience where you and your pup can bond.