Thinking about getting your run on with your pup and wondering what the best dog breeds to run with are? By nature, there are breeds that inherently have advantages and disadvantages so this article outlines some of the best dog breeds to run with. In addition to breed characteristics, make sure you are also analyzing a dog’s health, fitness level, and age. It’s a good idea to double-check with your veterinarian as well before starting this new routine since they know your individual pup.

Also – sometimes I see genuinely awesome running dogs that may not fall in the best dog running breeds category. Heck, I have even seen someone on the trails with their pig! So while breed type may tell some cautions or susceptible conditions, it is ultimately YOU, the dog parent, to make the decision on what is best for your dog.

Here are 10 of the top breeds that are ready to get their energy out and work-out on with you.

1.) Jack Russell TerrierJack Russell Terrier running on grass

This cute smaller dog was bred to catch rats so don’t think they can’t run with the horses. Whenever I see a Jack Russell, I am mesmerized by their abundant amount of energy. These working class pups work hard and play hard. Given their shorter coat type, they are adaptable to both warm and cooler climates. Jack Russell Terriers have loads of energy and can be disruptive if they are not given the chance to let it out. It is important to make sure your Jack Russell is trained and can run on the leash before starting their routine.


2.) German Shepard

While the media gets a lot wrong, this tends to be something they get right. These doggos that you typically see fighting crime, sniffing out clues, and saving lives is an accurate depiction- they can do it all. Brains and muscles create a breed that tends to dominate on the outside terrain.

3.) Australian Cattle Dog

Take it from a dog mom of an Aussie- one of life’s most difficult challenges includes trying to make this dog tired. These dogs aim to please, are highly intelligent, easy to train, and if you give them anything less than hyper-stimulation you will be reaping the repercussions. Good luck and enjoy the running adventure.

4.) Border Collie

The Border Collie basically attended the Harvard and Olympics of dog school. This breed was bred to herd cattle and can run for pretty much ever. A dog parent of a Border Collie must have the time to play and stimulate this dog on the daily.


5.) Weimaraner

These super friendly and energetic happy pups are awesome running companions. They don’t give much lip and they are hard workers. They love being close to their owners so a daily jog or run would be great for both of you.



6.) Golden Retriever

Running with a Golden Retriever is like doing a happy dance while working out. This breed is extremely friendly, energetic, and joyful. The “Retrieval” part of their name makes them perfect as a running partner. Their body is well-balanced with muscled legs. Golden Retrievers also have a desire to please their owner so this makes them easier to handle on the run.

7.) LabradorLabrador running through grass

Labradors love their exercise so they are a great dog breed to go running with. Their stature is strong and muscular and they have endurance, stamina, and agility. While they can run very fast their endurance quality makes them best for longer distances. However, with this breed (and any dog) you need to make sure you are not running too far in the heat. Labradors are a gun dog breed so they are obedient and ready to work hard.


8.) Vizsla

The Vizsla is an excellent dog breed for running because it was bred to run. They are some of the best running breeds for any type of weather and they can excel on any surface. The Vizsla’s short coat also helps their running in warmer weather. This breed can be prone to seasonal allergies, so make sure you check with your veterinarian if they begin to scratch or itch.


9.) Huskies

Huskies were bred as sled dogs so it is in their DNA to run and their endurance is kind of outrageous. They have thick fur with a soft undercoat and a longer topcoat to keep them insulated in cold weather (which they love best!) Be extremely cognizant that you are taking your husky for a run in cooler weather – so long morning or evening runs tend to be ideal.


10.) Beagles

If you are looking for a short distance runner dog, look no further. Beagles are a high-energy breed dog that needs lots of physical activity every day. They are easily motivated and enjoy plenty of exercises. Beagles are not the best for long-distance so keep them for your shorter 1-3 mile runs. Note that this breed is considered fully grown between 14-18 months old and you can’t start an exercise program with a pup until they are fully developed.



These are just a few of the best dog breeds to run with that can’t wait to get outside. If you are ready to go on a run with your new favorite runner, check out this post and learn the crazy awesome benefits of running with your dog.